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Good Times Jewelry was founded in autumn 1994.

The founder and owner Richard van Eijk, began his carrier in design in Amsterdam as a graphic designer.

Following his heart by doing what he enjoyed the most, he created "on the flow" his first jewelry pieces for family and friends.

Today, years later you can see in this catalogue-website the most divine result of timeless Jewelry, created from deepest feeling based on love for what life has to offer us.


All credits to life!

Team Good Times...



There will be an increase of 15% on the Good Times Jewelry basic salesprices if the day-rate is between 600,- and 650,- euro a kilo. If the day-rate is between 650,- and 700,- euro, or even higher, the increase will be 25%. And... If the day-rate is between 700,- and 800,- euro, or even higher, the increase will be 35%.

So feel welcome to check the day-rates on http://www.zilver-inkoop.nl/zilverprijs.html